An impartial and objective review of Windows 8

Kill it. Kill it with fire, and bury it deep underground in concrete.

Then we should all convert to a nonary numeral system, so that we can erase the number 8 from our collective history, for it is soiled and sullied forevermore.


  1. Kimmie says:

    this is the most fantastic review i have ever read, thank you for making my existence worthwhile.

  2. Cat J says:

    Don’t you mean an octal numeral system, which uses the digits 0-7? Nonary is base 9, using 0-8… I’ve been puzzling over that one for a while because this is the best review I’ve ever read about Windows 8 and I have the great misfortune of having to use it today.

    We could also try chopping off our pinkies, little toes and 2 other digits of our choice. It would be less painful than using the new OS.

    • Chris says:

      I've gotten tons and tons of crashes since this was released on my Win8 CP machine. It seems to happen often when I click the Google Voice exetosinn icon, but disabling that extension still crashed a few times. I created a new profile and am still seeing crashing. I'm going to finally wipe the drive and move to the Win8 RP – hopefully that helps.

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  3. graeme says:

    I meant that we just remove 1 digit, leaving us with 9 (or 10 under the new system). 9 becomes the new 8.

    So counting goes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10

  4. Je vais te dire que ce n’est pas faux ..

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