I am a researcher in Future Energy Systems at the Institute for Energy and Environment at the University of Strathclyde and a part-time dabbler in Physics/Astronomy, Mathematics, Statistics and general IT/Technology.

I primarily work in Linux and Python, using the following libraries:

  • Numerical Python – basic language extension to include N-dimensional datatypes and algebraic code
  • Scientific Python – large collection of libraries for all kinds of maths and analysis
  • Matplotlib – Matlab-esque plotting for python
  • IPython – interactive shell that, when combined with matplotlib, gives you a complete Matlab-type setup
  • RPy – bindings to call R from within Python

As the list shows, I’m heavily in favour of open source.

I’m also interested in data visualisation, and enjoy using html5 and JQuery to create clean, usable interfaces to complex data.

Other languages/technologies I use include SQL Server, MySQL, Haskell, Ruby, PHP, Apache, nginx, Matlab, R and anything else that seems useful.

This is my space for storing snippets of code and algorithms that have been handy along the way, in the hope that others will find them useful, as well as anything else that helps to procrastinate.

All content is published as the author’s alone, and does not represent the views of his employer, any department therein or any associated body.



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