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Creating a personal Dropbox – using Sparkleshare with Webfaction

I wanted to create a personal version of DropBox, using my own hosting, in order to get around the privacy concerns of that service. I found this nifty application (despite the awful, awful name) called Sparkleshare which claimed to do exactly that, being a client interface to a git repository.

I wanted to use a git repository on my own hosting – webfaction – but couldn’t find a complete tutorial, so thought I’d reproduce the steps here. Thanks to Neum for getting me most of the way there.

1. Install git on your host
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Coloured options in a select element using jQuery

Styling form elements can be treacherous territory, as while css should allow this kind of functionality, form handling is increasingly within the remit of the browser (especially across mobile and tablet platforms). However, there are times when plain coloured drop-down lists are not desirable – for example on a status dashboard with many such elements – and this is one method that can be used to change this which appears to fail gracefully.

Let’s say we want to create a select box like the following:

Firstly we define the element:
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